Tuesday, December 30, 2008

///////////////////////////COOOL GUYS FRM LOOKBOOK////////////////////

omg i don't look at girlz (z's are so much cooler) on lookbook much b/c i'm not a lesbo like katy perry! LOL!!! i mean i love lesbos...i have heaps of lesbo friends. but i like guyz. so i only look at guyz on lookbook.
THE FIRST GUY kind of looks like he's having a seizure LOL! but he's kinda cute? i mean i lurrrrve skinny jeans on guys///sooo hot. he's like "WOOAAAH I'M HAVING A SEIZURE BUT AT LEAST I'M FASHIONABLE WOAAAH!". like the ting tings. i mean i'd do him. i mean, would you do mean? i mean if i was wearing leggings would you do me? in leggings? i had a bf once who did that.
and the second guy reminds me of a guy from tokeyo hotel!!!! which is an uber-cool band! look at the cross on his chest! JESUS IS UBER HOT RIGHT NOW. i've got a flesh coloured christ that glows in the dark for a nitelite!!!!
and his chest is uber manly tooo... do you think he'd do me??

Sunday, December 28, 2008

***Favourite Looks//This season****

DID YOU GUYS KNOW that there's this rilly rilly cool site called lookbook dot nu (I write rilly because it sounds cooler). It's rilly hot!! Sooo...there's some hot peeps on it and hot outfits. You should totes check it out. I'm going to post some outfits that i like from it on soon!!!

**So first of all there's this rilly cute guy from BRISTOL, which is in ENGLAND. He says he's an indie filmmaker so that's rilly hot! I love indie anything! OMG especially indie music. Indie music can be soooooo sweet. Like the Rolling Stones are a good example of a good indie band. I LOVE how comme des garcons did that collection with the rolling stones. comme des garcons is SOOO indie too. i rilly like their "Play" stuff, the hearts on them are sooo cute!!!

SO i made an "INSPIRATION BOARD". If you don't know what an inspiration board is it's something that you put ur stuff on that INSPIRES YOU. like aggy!!!!


I rilly like how the cute guy has an xmas sweater. it's SOOO cute. and omg his hat. and skinny jeans are soooo coool. and tounges are cool too! on

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